Collection is inspired by wild, exotic nature, especially forest plants. It has row and tribal character and is dedicated to young women (aged 20 to 35 years) with strong personality and no afraid to stand out from the crowd. This collection is based on power of colours and contrast. It consist of three main colours: turquoise, off-white and red. Characteristic for this collection are hand painted silk garments and hand-made drawings in various scales (which look like prints). Very important are also elements made of cotton jersey. These rolled stripes are plaited or wrapped around the silhouette. They look like a tangle of plant’s roots in jungle. All jersey stripes are used to create something between jewellery and garment.

About the Designer


Matylda is based in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at International School of Costume and Fashion Design and graduated in 2011. Her collections are produced in Poland.

Matylda brings inspiration from nature - especially from plants and rural landscapes. She loves natural row fabrics and simply cuts. She belives in power of colours.