The resultant collection combines a number of different fabrics as a means to create narrative. The lightness of jersey and crepe are combined with the heaviness of scuba jersey to create striking pieces that focus on form and fabric. “There's a lot of fabric since they all connect within each other,” explains Jakubowski. “A trouser connects through a loop into a tailored coat with a long train, which connects to the next look.” Head-pieces are also prominent in the collection, which are inspired by old head braces that Jakubowski wore as a child and her surprise that someone would be “willing to correct a little thing with something that looks so incorrect.” It is a touch that not only emphasises how personal Jakubowski's work is, but also highlights the beauty that she finds in imperfection. Photography: Bror Ivefeldt


About the Designer


Marta is based in London. She studied at Royal College of Art.

Marta Jakubowski was born in Poland, grow up in Germany and used to live and work in Berlin, Antwerp, London and New York. She graduated with a master's degree from Royal College of Art in London.“There's no other way for me to work than emotionally driven," says Marta Jakubowski. "That is what excites me - personal concept.” Jakubowski sees her work as a means of expression and fashion design as a way to channel emotion. Jakubowski’s graduate collection was born from the change in perspective she experienced after losing her mother the summer before starting her ma in 2012. Creating short films as a method of encapsulating her feelings and as a form of self-therapy, she slowly started to introduce material and silhouette to them. Before long, they became the starting point of her design work.