Each collection is a part of long series of automatic drawings all done by hand with a simple pen. The aim of the series is to question the randomness and the irregularity of hand drawing. Some designs are made with closed eyes, others generated by computer programs. Each scarves represent between 20 hours to 30 hours of drawing. The mistakes of the hand process take an important part in this failure of reproducing geometric prints.

About the Designer


Marlène is based in London. She studied at Central Saint Martins. Her collections are produced in France.

French-born and British-based, Marlene Huissoud is a textile designer. Marlene works as a freelance Designer for different companies, and created her own company of silk scarves retailed all around the world. Marlene Huissoud works alongside the best textile printing houses in France, with fine manufacturing and long traditions in the luxury silk printing.
She is currently enrolled as a post graduate student at the Central Saint Martins’ School of Art and Design in London. Her work is balancing between the notion of controlled and uncontrolled elements.