Louis Heal has unleashed himself into the fashion fray after his recent graduation from London College of Fashion, where he completed his Bachelors degree in Fashion Design Technology. His debut Spring/Summer 2011 collection was inspired by the subjective visual language of clothing, playing with these traditional associations his intention was to give pieces a hidden, contradictory feature. Louis says; "Latex was a vital fabric in this concept with it’s strong relation to the fetish world" He has reworked, moulded and embellished this fabric to being almost unrecognizable transforming into glamorous evening attire. All his conscious conflictions resulted in the production of a collection that is demure, elegant and feminine with a raw, primal ‘sex’ appeal. Featuring in publications such as ZOO magazine, also appearing on Anais Pouliot and fronting the London College of Fashion’s Vogue’s Night Out Campaign, this collection is already paving the way to a promising future.

About the Designer

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Louis is based in N/A.