The theme of the collection can be defined as “An imaginary dialogue between Marlene Dietrich and Patti Smith”. Two of the brightest women of the 20th century, enigmatic movie legend Marlene Dietrich and grand dame of protest rock Patti Smith inspired Lilia Litkovskaya. These style icons are famous for their androgynous style and interpretations of the strong masculine image. Emphasized sexuality of Marlene Dietrich and Patti Smith’s nonchalant appearance are two powerful sources for the collection. Investigating this duality of female nature, the designer explores notions of ambuguity and femininity that bring new accents to her work. This collection brings together two elements – masculine and feminine, one symbolizing the authoritarianism and pragmatism, another speaking of sensitivity and candor. Combined into a single image, they represent a woman who has a strong sense of style and controled elegance. LITKOVSKAYA revisits the theme of classic tailored pantsuit. Drawing inspiration from the 40s, the designer introduces a fitted silhouette of jackets with a strong shoulder line, mixing it with wide elongated trousers with exagerrated cuffs. Massive draped jackets and tops are worn with leather skirts with torn edges. Preference is given to mat surfaces of light pinstripe suit wools, as well as to glossy surfaces of natural mohair, waxed leather and satin silk. LITKOVSKAYA stays true to monochromatic color palette in ascetic combinations of black, white and subtle shades of gray — from light-pigeon to deep anthracite. The designer emphasizes its elegance and mathematical precision breaking it with the splashes of emerald green and pearl blue. As an evening offer LITKOVSKAYA shows asymmetrical dresses, elongated tops and draped bustiers in combinations of silk, leather and velvet, worn over wide trousers. As a deliberate dissonance aimed to break the austerity and formality of the collection, the designer introduces leopard print, a universal symbol, courtesy of the old European luxury, the beatnik rebellion and society of consumption kitsch. In the end, a leopard patch-pocket on a assymetric pinstripe wool dress and a silk lining of a heavily draped evening cape appear to be another accolades to the great myth of Marlene Dietrich and indomitable spirit of Patti Smith.


About the Designer


Lilia is based in Kiev, Ukraine. Her collections are produced in Ukraine.

Lilia Litkovskaya is one of the most recognizable fashion designers in Ukraine. Specializing on manufacturing women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Litkovskaya relates to the top fastest growing lables on the Ukrainian market.
The debut collection was presented at Ukranian Fashion Week in 2006, since that time Litkovskaya participates UFW on a regular basis. In 2009 Lilia Litkovskaya opened her own independent studio, working on seasonal collections, as well as diffusion line, capsule collections and different creative projects. During her career the desiner won numerous professional awards: The best fashion designer by Elle Style Awards 2010, Best Fashion Show 2010 and Best Designer 2011 by Best Fashion Awards.
The design is pure, timeless, and clean with an advanced edge playing with contrasts within a high degree of functionality. Supreme quality materials, combination of unexpected textures, and meticulous attention to details have become the lable’s signature.All this refers to stylish, open-minded and independent personalities, who are not swayed by fleeting seasonal trends.