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Katie is based in Berlin, Germany. Her collections are produced in Germany.

Lala Berlin enjoys success as a cult label here in Berlin and beyond. What initially started as a knitwear brand flourished rapidly and has now branched out to create entire collections ranging from the iconic
shawls and scarves, to dresses, shorts, jumpsuits and entire looks. With a
philosophy of luxurious comfort and glamourous ease, Lala Berlin's creations
have managed to win over the hearts of celebrities ranging from Heidi Klum,
Claudia Schiffer, Mischa Barton, Heike Makatsch, Eva Padberg. Their new SS
collection was presented at Berlin Fashion Week and was received with rapturous enthusiasm by all, including front row guest Suzy Menkes.
Lala Berlin Collection S/S 2010
"20s porn": The New Dance on the Volcano
Let ourselves be weighed down by the economic downturn? Never! This would mean gambling away not only our present but also parts of our future. For Lala Berlin capitulation is not an option. Rather, designer Leyla Piedayesh feels that time is ripe for a counterpoint. Fittingly, the Spring/Summer 2010 collection is called "20s porn", hearkening back to an era that is seen as
wild and golden to this day.
In the Western metropolises, the emancipation of women became a topic and calls for gender equality and sexual libertinage could no longer be ignored. A new, perky type of woman like the
City Girls or Flappers with short, slick hair and a cigarette appeared on the 'trottoirs', bars and jazz dives of the time.
In the label's unique style, Lala Berlin's latest collection reflects on the decade of change with its bacchanal parties, variety theatres, burlesque dancers, Hollywood vamps and erotic photography.
In line with this theme, the collection's almost 20 ready-to-wear and 30 knitwear items rely on slim H-cuts, clear lines and carefully selected materials for maximum effect. For Lala Berlin this means: highest-quality materials like silk, georgette, fine cotton-silk mixes and cupro. The seductive, yet coquettish glamour look is enhanced through layering of colours, transparency, slits and imaginative gathering or draping. With early pin-up girls in mind, what counts for Leyla
Piedayesh is not the primitively exposed, but the lasciviously covered body. In a way, the use of provocative details such as contrasting zippers, grosgrain ribbon, eyelets, lacing, buckles and lingerie closures testifies to that.
Another focus is on summery 24-hour and evening dresses, flowy blouses and plain suits combined with jersey shirts, all "easy to wear"- After all Lala Berlin does not compromise on comfort – no matter what the creative challenge.
The tight-fitting, boyish style is enhanced even further thanks to special accessories like Kronen ties and cummerbunds – of course adapted to contemporary aesthetics and delicate feminine silhouettes. In this connection, Lala Berlin is proud to announce its cooperation with renowned German tie manufacturer Edsor Kronen.
When it comes to her knitwear designs, in particular, Leyla Piedayesh takes one creative step further as she translates the spirit of Glastonbury Festival – which celebrates alternative culture since the 1960s – into designs that combine sophistication and rock attitude. Knitwear designs
contrasted with suede elements feature alongside silk adorned with rivets, ribbon and crystal yarns and matt or shining fibres.
Colourwise, white, nude and neon pink shades dominate the picture, accentuated in black and gold. Exclusive print motifs will again be optical highlights of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
Somewhat reminiscent of Gustav Klimt's Art Déco style albeit futuristically abstract thanks to pixel technologies, the designs illustrate the battle between nature in the form of subaqueous creatures (jellyfish and schools of fish) and technology (industrial products like screws, cogwheels and bicycle chains).
Come and join "20s porn", the new dance on the volcano! Every collapse brings with it new
opportunities which can be explored best through creativity and improvisation. It would appear that no one knows better than Leyla Piedayesh of Lala Berlin.