My initial design concept came from a dream that I had one day last year where I was squeezed by a giant king Kong hand. From that raw idea, I developed into a fashion collection. Overall, I thought this would be a lot of fun. I displayed oversized wadded sleeves and hoods, extraordinarily shaped trousers with zip pocket details and puffed jumper and parka with exaggerated silhouettes of manliness. All the outfits had a finishing touch with sandals that had clustered mini hands sewn leather gorilla fingers that could also be viewed as symbolic of men's private parts.


About the Designer

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kathleen is based in London/ Seoul, United Kingdom. She studied at MA/ BA Central Saint Martins. Her collections are produced in Korea (South).

My design etho is to represent fun-loving new menswear shapes that distinguish from the conventional patterns. All men possess a fantasy about being "macho," although this is being depressed at the moment in the name of a civilized society. Would men still wish to remain powerful but could they convey a little fun part of it as well by wearing my designs? So, my concept in menswear designing is to represent inherent manliness with some elements of fun in it. My menswear fashion designs do not necessarily show refined neutrality of chicness devoid of masculinity. Eventually, I aspire to become an artistic fashion designer by expanding my interests to other related areas, such as the fine arts. Fashion designing is in the thick of commercial interests, but wouldn't it represent a cultural endeavor as well?