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Burcu is based in Turkey. She studied at Izmir University Of Economics Fine Arts and Design Fashion Design. Her collections are produced in Turkey.

Kraviech by BURCU YILDIZ
"Art is for Art's Sake"
Burcu Yıldız set her hopes high from the very beginning and succeeded in turning her dreams into an exclusive brand, Kraviech. Placing great emphasis on customer-loyalty and -retention, she focuses on designing tailored fashion clothes whilst keeping customer needs and wants in mind. By placing the customer on the top of her business model, she has devoted herself in crafting unique, elegant, stylistic, and upscale pieces of fashionable clothes since the beginning of 2009.
I believe that our personality and general attitude are, to a degree, linked to how we perceive ourselves in terms of physical apperance and it is one’s natural choice to opt for an unique feel and look. Sense of uniqueness is what most of us desire -without realizing in depth- in our everyday lives.
Born to be a fashion designer equipped with unique design approaches when it comes to especially leather-cutting, Burcu Yıldız is in pursuit of turning your dreams into unique pieces of upscale clothes.
Excelled in envisioning the future fashion trends in my artworks, I am available to integrate fashion with art so as to offer you the most seductive, artistic, self-reflective, and unique garments accompanying you in your special days.
You are heartily encouraged to either come visit my fashion studio or to take a closer look at my collections on my website at
Yours sincerely,