Each of these necklaces has been hand crafted in Brooklyn. Necklaces are made using recycled mixed copper pipe fittings. Vintage silk fabric is woven through to create interesting shapes. All necklaces have chain link closures, so length is adjustable! No two necklaces are the same making them unique like the girls who wear them.

About the Designer


Julianne is based in Brooklyn NY, United States. She studied at Fashion Institute Of Technology. Her collections are produced in United States.

Juewls Amelia, is a label designed by a native New Yorker, Julianne Margiotta, who is currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Traveling abroad in Europe helped to inspire the style present in many of her latest designs. Julianne's first capsule collection was developed through her recent internship at Study NYC where she worked closely with designer Tara St. James. This collection embodies Julianne's signature style of geometric line placement and voluminous shapes. These designs were created for a customer with sophisticated taste and a unique personal style. Sustainability and responsible consumption were considered in every aspect of the design process. Not only are all garments created from organic materials, but some have been designed to transform and be worn as more than one type of clothing.This innovative design approach combined with the durability of these distinct pieces create products that are as long lasting as they are versatile.