Ivana Pilja exibition// London Fashion Week International Fashion Showcase 2013 7 Dering Street, Mayfair London, W1S 1AE Sunday, February 17th, 18h-22h designer//Ivana Pilja photography// Milana Bosnic model// Marina Zagorac styling/ Adela Jovanovic headpiece/ Đurđica Ivanović makeup/ Mina Abramovic Shoes/ Danijela Biskup LILU Fashion Shoes textil/ Nada Serafimović& CVETEX sportswear In the face of challenging social circumstances, Serbian fashion has become a rebellious force, driven by the personal visions of the gifted artists whose creativity makes the Impossible possible. Through the concept of Fashion Vignettes and Belgrade Fashion Week, London Fashion Week is proud to present Ivana Pilja, showcasing her second collection - SEMI SONG. Ivana's latest collection draws inspiration from the Japanese cicada, locally referred to as Semi. Each piece is it's own work of art crafted in the Ivana Pilja avant-garde style that she has become loved and known for worldwide.


About the Designer

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Ivana is based in Belgrade. She studied at College of Textile, Fashion and Marketing in Belgrade..

Ivana Pilja is a Fashion Designer and Graduate of the “College of Design” in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2007, Ivana has worked as a designer for sport and streetwear lines in various fashion houses. The experience she gained while doing so was invaluable. This is her first avant-garde collection, and at the same time functions as her graduate collection. Inspired by Japanese fashion and origami, the collection seeks to be to a representation of moving sculptures.