Reaching the essence of the designers work, the collection was born through color. What colors? Them all, none were left out this time. No one and nothing is forsaken from color. In sum, the grounds are to project on the clothes a visible spectrum of light in bases of navy, beige, white and black. Spots of light of various colors give life to clothing that will subsist for being memorable. Geometrical, lyrical and informal are words one can certainly use to describe Helen's work. Two paths unify in the same piece, one abstract and shapeless and the other contained and formal. Her inspirations: Luiz Sacilotto's work 'Vibrações Verticais', faithfully adapted, and Gerhard Richter in their converging yet, distant pieces. The designer had only worked previously with handmade clothing, yet this collection is a gathering of both craft and hand assisted machine knitting. Plain surfaces hide two sides to the same clothing, where you can have completely different styles in one piece. Jacquard, intarsia in fine-knitting enabled transparencies and original patterns with threads of cotton and viscose. The craft side of this collection presents an asymmetrical blend of textured surfaces and colors, on the other hand a strictly symmetrical ordination of colors, such as a rainbow.

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Helen is based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She studied at Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis. Her collections are produced in Brazil.

Helen Rödel brings handmade techniques from the past into the future. The two founding partners behind the label wanted to develop deeply researched, beautifully designed, perfectly weaved and long-lasting garments. Joining cutting-edge design and traditional craftsmanship techniques, Helen Rödel found a missing link in the contemporary fashion scene which granted the label a strong position in the market. Because every garment is carefully handmade, Helen Rödel presents one exclusive collection a year consisting in delicate, innovative and highly valuable creations. At Helen Rödel we care about how our business affects people and the environment. To be resposable for this is an essential prerequisite for our continued profitability and growth. It’s very important that all products are made in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable. Helen Rödel has a responsibility towards everyone who contributes to our success. That’s why we work very closely with our artisans to develop long term, sustainable social and environmental standards.