Bevisst, Norwegian for 'conscious', stands for one's acknoledgement of her surroundings while dreaming about a diferent day and age. Here, Bevisst is just as much a collection of ideas as it is a collection of clothes. It draws on the textures and colours of the Victorian era, mild and dark tan, graphite, blackened purple mixed with foggy greens and neutral egg whites and greys in order to break away from mainstream uniformity. At the same time, the geometry of the lines and structures puts Bevisst in line with today's casual and performance sportswear, building upon Greta Pollman's focus on comfort and wearability.

About the Designer


Greta is based in Oradea, Romania. She studied at Ion Andreescu University of Fine Arts, Cluj Napoca, Romania and graduated in 2005. Her collections are produced in Romania.

I absolutely love watching people on the street and thinking that what they are wearing forms a composition that's wrong on so many levels but so a fascinating and outright cool at the same time. After all, inspiration is everywhere, in art, architecture, music, film, senses and memories, they all have a story within. Ultimately, the clothes that a woman wears are there to add joy to her life and make her feel confident.
Whenever I start work on a new collection I draw, in fact, men's clothing. At this stage I don't think about things like curves, waist and hips, comfort comes first. The feminine side then takes over and I get crazy with the design, patterns and layers, going over the detailing stages time and again, until the results are garments that are both comfortable and sensual.