For her Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 Collection, Georgina Skalidi stays true to her geometric self and spirit. After six seasons of involvement with her Clutch-Bag Project it was inevitable for the 30year old Greek-born fashion designer to invest in something precious and indeed very Hellenic. With her “AFAIA” collection of handcrafted accessories Georgina Skalidi is crossing the boundaries of time, bridging with her line of products the past and the present, what we are and what we are to become, what tradition is and how it can be projected on the contemporary world of fashion with no boundaries in terms of creativity and materials. Inspired by the Minoan goddess "AFAIA" Georgina Skalidi is about to remind us of the Greek culture and how it keeps on shaping the art of style. In times where references are of great importance, her traditional woven prints from the island of Crete are combined with warm and refined leathers in a bursting of geometrical infusion, exploring the interaction of multicolor patterns on strict and minimal architectural dimensions. Earthy nuances and the baby blue of the Aegean Sea paint her creations. The ripple effect of shades broadens the color palette and hugs harmoniously the designs, while the juxtaposition of textures wool, leather and suede completes the transition of the myth to the present. This time Georgina Skalidi takes a leap forward of what a contemporary accessory is and how it can be perceived as something more than a bag, more a than clutch. AFAIA was a goddess, which briefly passed through oblivion, though gods are not to be forgotten and this collection is a small Box of Pandora is in your hands. Treat it with caution. With love.

About the Designer


Georgina is based in Athens , Greece. She studied at L.I.S.A.A College of Applied Arts of Paris and graduated in 2003. Her collections are produced in Greece.

Georgina Skalidi is a brand of handcrafted leather women accessories specializing in clutches and bags. Georgina Skalidi a Fashion Designer graduate form L.I.S.A.A College of Applied Arts of Paris, started in 2010 by creating her own personal brand of handmade clutch-bags. After a successful career as a fashion stylist in major fashion magazines Georgina decided to pursue her aspiration of being able to express her own creativity and sense of styling through her own work.
Mentoring with leading Parisian and Athenian craftsmen Georgina established from the very begging her own signature technique. Using simple geometric lines and architectural dimensions she molds leather into her designs, by deconstructing the classic shape of the clutch leaving unchanged its essence – she creates chic and contemporary unique bags. The brand is dedicated in offering goods of the highest aesthetics at affordable prices uncompensated in quality and cutting edge design.
«My inspiration is experiential. Based on the way I decide to live each phase of my life, inspiration follows. Holding the leather in my hands, I am able to express the emotions of my reality by literally shaping it into my designs. I choose not to create in the conventional method because a bag to me is a type of sculpture»
- Georgina Skalidi -