What is it, identity? To know where you belong? to know your self worth? to know who you are? how do you recognize identity? we are creating an image of ourselves, we are attempting to resemble this image... is that what we call identity? the accord between the image we have created of ourselves and... ourselves just who is that, "ourselves"?" (...) we have learned to trust photographic image. Can we trust in the electronic image? With painting everything was simple, the original was unique and a copy was a copy, a forgery. With photography and cinema it began to get complicated, the original was a negative, without a print does not exist, just the oposite. Each copy was the original. Now with the electronic imagine there was no more negative or positive, the very notion of original was obsolete, Everything is a copy." Wim Wenders, "A notebook of cities and clothes" STARTING FROM THE CONCEPTUAL AMBIGUITY OF IDENTITY SEEKS TO UNDERSTAND ITS IMPORTANCE AND ROLE IN THE INTERACTIONS OF THE “I” WITH THE “OTHER.” CONCEPTS SUCH AS THE MULTIPLICITY OF “I’S”, THE FEELING OF BELONGING, THE IDEA OF UNIFORMITY, ANONYMITY AND ORIGINAL BECOME THE INSTRUMENTS OF LABOR TO CREATE THIS COLLECTION. Thanks to: Teviz (, Eureka Shoes (, Miguel Flor, Miguel Lomba, Carmo Azeredo, Simão Bolivar, Mario Caisto, Hugo Ganhão, Andre Fonseca Carvalho e ANJE ( Photo: Hugo Ganhão Model: João Coelho Face models


About the Designer


Estelita is based in Oporto, Portugal. He studied at Oporto Fashion Academy and graduated in 2005. His collections are produced in Portugal.

Estelita Mendonca proposes to develop men's wear, to renew it, deconstruct it and rebuild it. Based on the classic male clothing works on a more cerebral and free of rules and conventions. Try to find a balance between female, male, urban and contemporary in order to achieve a new aesthetic / silhouette that can translate into a new manhood.