About the Designer


Elena is based in Bruxelles, Belgium. Her collections are produced in Belgium.

VASILIEVA fashion is not about just clothes, it’s about lifestyles, about uniqueness and personal identity of every garment. It is about the VASILIEVA girl who can often be seen in the streets of a megapolis. She is innocent and pure. She is different. You want to follow her. You want to get to know her. She will become your muse, your inspiration. She will possess your heart. She is so effortlessly chic. Mixing different trends and styles she is not afraid to express herself. Each day she is unique.
Every collection is launched in the spirit of distinctiveness and exceptionality. Each time it’s about a different story, different inspiration. The use of natural fabrics and a complete hand finish of every garment allows the designer to leave a very personal touch. This also results in limited production, often no more than two pieces.
In 2010 VASILIEVA has introduced a line of handmade jewellery and accessories, designed especially to create diversity and individuality of every look. The line encompasses a small collection of evening and casual bags, as well as fine beaded jewellery.
Once you become part of the VASILIEVA world, you would be lusting endlessly.