The Faces of Design Awards 2012

...Get your designs showcased to key industry figures.

This design competition is based on your existing portfolio, and culminates in the publication of a printed volume, showcasing the 25 most promising design talents.

The collection of profiles chosen is distributed to over 1.500 key decision makers at more than 400 companies, design institutions, and the design press. On top of this, the three candidates with the most panel votes overall receive extra promotion, including special press features and personal introductions to key individuals within the industry.

In the first round of the Faces of Design Awards, you present the best elements of your portfolio to the judges in a safe online environment, followed by a second round with our high-profile panel.The winners of the Faces of Design Awards will then have their profiles published and distributed to opinion leaders and key decision makers in design worldwide.

To promote emerging talents in particular, there is a special discount to encourage student participation in the competition, and participation grants to support design talent from emerging countries.The Faces of Design Awards are open to individual designers, design studios, in-house design departments, individual design students and student groups. The design competition is international in nature, and open to representatives of any design discipline.

Submission Deadline: December 15th, 2011