...combining multi-cultural influences with androgynous elegance

Svenja Specht is the designer behind the label Reality Studio. She takes her ideas from the normality that surrounds her – her "Reality". It’s about taking the mundane, the familiar, and twisting it – turning it upside down and inside out. The "Studio" stands for the action she is taking to do something with this "Reality". Specht completed her design studies in fashion and product design in 1998. After working in Paris, Germany and China in the fields of graphic, product and costume design, she came home and started her own label in 2005 in Berlin. She was born in Germany, but draws her inspiration primarily from where she worked and lived for 3 years – Beijing, China, a city she saw as dazzling, lively and a mix between tradition and extremely fast approaching modernity. All her experiences bring Specht to design collections that combine multicultural influences with an androgynous elegance, which results in very special but always wearable collections.

Nothing inspires me like
Walking around with Yoske.

I hope
That the future continues bringing interesting things into my live.

Cultural influencesare the core part of my work. They helped me that I got where I am now.

Fashion can sometimes
Make people happy... that gives my work a deeper meaning... at least I believe so.

I sense that I would scream when money makes me do something I didn't want to do.

Did you know
That beauty comes from inside?

I think we should love now because this moment is not coming back.

I dance like
Grace Jones.

I have faith in good food, so dancing and cake makes me happy.

I think that creativity comes from freedom and If I could I would go and make the world a happier place – I try anyway!

I have never stolen a wallet but I once thought that love is also a bit like steeling.

My dreams are so realistic sometimes and my future is, on the other hand, sometimes so unrealistic to me.

My vice is that I suck...and afterwards pain comes from it.

I travelled and lived in many places and I know now thatNYC/London/Paris/Milan are…are not like Berlin.

I live East of Berlin-Mitte and I wouldn't pay for a trip to the centre of the earth.

Studios make me
Happy like my own Studio!

There's a new way everyday of exploring things so I can forget easily that I'm a perfectionist.

My goal is to be happy but I'm an emotional retard.

The earliest memory is chewing capers hidden under the table and my first crush I had was for a boy called Harley.

My mum was, and still is, beautiful.

I get bored easily if I don't think.

I tried to live
Free and to follow my instinct.

I like making
Things with my hands.

I've been a Buddhist
For one moment in Beijing where I used to live.

I try to forget my biggest regret – one of my mottos is: no regrets!

Incompetence can change to competence if you give it a chance because I wouldn’t like to be judged before I even had the chance to try!

I love getting older
Because I still hope I will get wiser at the same time.