...a charitable quest

No special venue, no special effort, no guilty conscience. London For London is all about celebrating the city we love to live in and hopes to mobilise 1 million donors by asking people to do what they do anyway: enjoy our great city’s nightlife! There are approximately over 750,000 people that go out in Greater London on a Saturday night, making it possible to raise over £1,500,000 if every bar, club and pub chooses to match the final amount donated to their venue at the end of the night.

London For Londonwas founded by Ryan Kohn and Laura Fraser only one year ago, with the idea to encourage people to enjoy their city while helping to combat the major social issues within it. This year, the focus will be on raising funds and awareness to help address the issue of violence amongst young people within the capital.

Three charities were given every penny of the raised money: The Metropolitan Police’s specially youth-focused initiative The Volunteer Police Cadets, Kids Company – a charity providing practical, emotional and educational support to inner-city children and youth; and Capital FM’s own charity Help A London Child.

In collaboration with London For London, Not Just A Label invited designers to participate in the project with just one simple task: design your own memorable t-shirt to represent your London. More than 200 people sent us their designs, and ten designs have now been chosen. We promised that the lucky winner will have a very own organically produced t-shirt sold in NJAL’s online shop, their name on every shirt and leading newspapers and magazines keen to introduce them to an audience of 8 million Londoners.

The top ten designs we chose all stood out because they illustrate the colourful, positive and exciting London that its inhabitants recognise it as. The ten designs all showed creativity and originality, a bit of rebellion and a lot of style, all in a true London spirit. The designs varied greatly; some designers embraced the classic city symbols like the London Eye and Big Ben, while others used more abstract urban illustration to describe the big-city atmosphere. Common to all the t-shirts, however, was a wonderfully uncontrollable and buzzing feeling very representative of the busy London life.

Lisa Snowdon and Lauren Laverne finally chose the winning design, and it was 23-year old Saffron Knight of South East London who we can now proudly present as NJAL and London For London’s winning designer. Her t-shirt design is the perfect picture of all things that make London what it is: a city where old meets new and tradition meets innovation, illustrated in an rich colour palette symbolising the exciting cultural diversities the city has to offer.

Saffron herself said: “My motivation for the t-shirt design was naturally London’s very own mesmerising energy. I am perpetually in awe of the way the great historical masterpieces of this City stand proud and relevant in the midst of our multi-cultural, multi media, lightening-paced way of life today.”

Runners up are: Giuseppe Tavano, Blandine Bardeau, Sanne Van Winden, Adrian Eric Morales, Dark Matter, Bjork & McElligott, Ailin Bisi and Marianne Berglund. Many thanks for your fabulous contribution!