London Fashion Week - Day 3

....follow the NJAL Team during the five exciting days of London Fashion Week

by Maxwell McBride Peterson and the NJAL Team
48 hours into London Fashion Week and we are up bright and early for DAY 3! We at NJAL are eager for today's shows and we want to share it all with you, dear reader. Our diary will be updated daily to give you a front row – just about – seat. Check in as the team covers catwalks, exhibitions and parties where we mix and mingle with emerging designers to get the latest look at the newest creations. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @notjustalabel and if you spot us at a show don’t be shy!

Sunday, September 16 - 12:00pm
At Marios Schwab’s show it seems that all international journalists have now made it to London from New York. From Suzy Menkes to Tim Blanks, and the newly crowned Natalie Massenet - sitting next to Harold Tillman - the party was complete and Marios, how timely, made us reflect upon our environmental impact. His response to our wasteful lifestyle was a S/S 2013 collection based on tribal cultures. Models resembling the Navaho and Amazon Indians wore subtle chiffon dresses, framed by Swarovski crystals, and adorned in leather harnesses and chains reminiscent of a warrior’s armour.

Sunday, September 16 - 12:30pm
Ekaterina Kurkhareva brought some sun and light to this grey and moody Sunday in London with her ‘Goddess in St. Tropez’ S/S 2013 show at VFS. A true South of France and luxury holiday feeling was definitely translated well with this bright take on colours, texture and shapes. The whole show felt like a mini-holiday break and with light-floating vintage dresses and matching beachwear accessories left the audience with a smile on their faces. The collection’s mood was care free, happy and sexy – à la Brigitte Bardot on a sunny day, sipping a cocktail beachside somewhere in Côte d'Azur. Just the day-dream we needed…

Sunday, September 16 - 13:30pm
Charlie May charmed the audience with her light and elegant S/S 2013 collection. The main focus was on the white shirt, combined with smart but casual jackets, trousers and skirts. The look was very minimalistic, but the designer played with various cuts and focused on tailoring. The neutral color palette consisted of white, nude and mint and all the garments could be mixed and worn together, making the collection a perfect summer wardrobe.

Sunday, September 16 - 14:00pm
Set at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Vivienne Westwood continues her revolution after the Paralympics and manifests her banners in an exciting finale to the show. The Red Label collection itself is an intelligent take on vintage 50s fashion, with branded accessories and a few eye-catching statement pieces.

Sunday, September 16 - 16:00pm
Former winner of Vauxhall’s Fashion Merit Award, Phoebe English, is living up to her accolade! The S/S 2013 ‘Intimate Shells’ promised an edgy take on volume and form and with a bottle of vodka in the goodie bag, we knew a gripping show would follow. The whole catwalk had a rather dark edgy feel to it and black leather was definitely a main focus. Open backed garments in black and white combined with spiked mouthpieces, ear and wrist cuffs gave the models a fierce look. Phoebe stayed true to herself and gave us a dramatic yet wonderful presentation of her unique cutting edge style. We can definitely see her pieces worn for long party nights and dancing a night away. Or perhaps something more mischievous…

Sunday, September 16 - 19:30pm
House of Evolution’s show at Freemason’s Hall was kickstarted by the Mother and Daughter team DB Berdan from Istanbul in collaboration with Illustrator Merve Morkoc. Their inspiration was taken from the golden age of the 20th century but mixing it with a very 21st century take on print making. DB Berdan excited the audience with their rainbow of pastel colours and surreal digital printed fabrics, featuring neon-pink mustachioed gentlemen amongst hopping sequined cottontails on a mixture of fitted dresses and swimwear. The show was amazingly fun and definitely had that spring vibe!

Sunday, September 16 - 20:00pm
Lug Von Siga’s minimalistic S/S 2013 collection gave a faint nod towards military tailoring in the cut of the jackets and shoulders. A use of lightweight materials, bold colours and amazing ankle, waist, wrist and neck leather straps left a strong impression of luxurious taste and style.

Sunday, September 16 - 20:30pm
Closing Day 3 of London Fashion Week was Italian designer, Damilo Gabrielli. His S/S 2013 collection which took it’s inspiration straight from the roaring 20’s and early 30’s of Hollywood. Elegant full length flowing silk, chiffon and organza dresses next to classically tailored silk-linen suits with cream and black pinstripes left the audience wanting more and thinking of Gatsby...