...be part of the Shinmai Creator's Project

NOT JUST A LABEL is pleased to bring your attention to an exciting opportunity to enter the Japan market. Tokyo Fashion Week is giving three young designers the unique opportunity to show their collection to the Japanese Market. The purpose of the project is to provide an entrée into the Japanese fashion market for both domestic and foreign talented young designers seeking to introduce their brand/fashion line in Japan. Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo (JFW) aims to create a gateway into the world’s fashion industry for up-and-coming designers. As a step in this direction, JFW is organizing the “Shinmai Creator’s Project,” as a special event in its 8th season. “Shinmai”, which means “fresh rice” in Japanese, refers to the idea that fresh rice that is in season and full of nourishment, can be used as a metaphor for young talent that is full of potential. Three capable young designers from both inside and outside of Japan will be selected and their brand/fashion line (2009-2010A/W collection) introduced in the form of shows and exhibitions/business meetings during the 8th Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo. The project is open to any fashion school in Japan or abroad, but the organizer will solicit participation from the following schools: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (England), Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium), Parsons the New School for Design (U.S.A.), and a fashion school in France.

Requirements for Applicants
A person recommended by a professor from an overseas fashion school or the principal of a domestic Japan fashion school, and possessing 10 years or less experience in creative activities. (Professional career needs to be outlined in a CV.)
A person willing to establish his or her business base for fashion and/or creative activities in Japan. (The exhibition will be carried out in Tokyo. There will support for participants in using Japanese materials.)
A person who has his or her own brand/fashion line but no commercial sponsors.
A person who can prepare 20 of his/her latest works* by March 2009. Works must have not yet been shown in Japan. Additionally, works that have been shown at any of the four major collections (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) are also not eligible.

Selection Procedures
All applications must be submitted as follows:
Deadline: June 20, 2008 (postmark date)
Address: SHINMAI Creator’s Project, Japan Fashion Week Organization, 3F Terasaki 1st. Bldg. 10-5, Nihombashi-Muromachi 1-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022
Language: English

Application materials (these need to be mailed together)
Academic recommendation
Academic recommendation from a professor; each school can recommend up to three candidates.
Curriculum Vitae
Please download and use the application form.
An essay describing the candidate’s motivation and goal as a creator, the concept of his/her brand, and his/her motivation for entering the Japan market (i.e., to tap into Japan’s manufacturing skills and business opportunities); Microsoft Word, up to 2 pages / A4 size
Creative portfolio (JPG or PDF file)

Attention: Applications must be in digital format and submitted by CD or DVD, except academic recommendations.
(Application materials will not be returned.)

Narrowing down of applicants by selection committee (Three creators will be selected at the end of August.)

Chairman of Selection Committee:
Mr. Richard Collasse President & Representative Director, Chanel Japan K.K. /
Chairman, the European Business Council in Japan

Members of Selection Committee (scheduled); in alphabetical order):
Mr. Takeshi Hirouchi Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO, ONWARD HOLDINGS CO., Ltd.
Mr. Nobukazu Muto Chairman and CEO, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Limited.
Mr. Nobuyuki Ota President, ISSEY MIYAKE INC.
Mr. Hiroaki Takashita President, RESTIR Holdings Inc.
Ms. Valérie Toranian Chief Editor, ELLE PARIS etc.

Support for participants
The organizer will:
Cover transportation and accommodation costs of participating creators and one assistant per creator during the 8th JFW.
Bear transportation costs of creators’ collections /outfits to Tokyo.
Provide an opportunity to visit textile exhibitions in Paris (Premiere Vision) and Tokyo (JFW Japan Creation). The organizer will also cover the costs of up to 10 Japanese fabric products,shown in these exhibitions (limit of 100,000 Japanese yen per product). Costs for other materials or products will be born by the participant.
Cover the basic costs to hold a fashion show (except for the cost of producing outfits) and to participate in a business exhibition. (While the organizer will try to meet demands concerning the fashion show, all requests may not be met.)
Hold an open review meeting.
Support the venue for fashion show and a business exhibition in the 9th JFW (2010 S/S Collection) in Tokyo, based JFW designer’s support rules.

Basic Schedule
April 21, 2008: Press release outlining “SHINMAI Creator’s Project”
Application period opens
June 20, 2008: Deadline for recommendations
Selection process
End August 2008: Formally deciding three designers from applicants
September 2008: Première Vision / Opportunity to visit textile exhibition in Paris (optional)
October 2008: JFW- Japan Creation / Opportunity to visit textile exhibition in Tokyo
(Transportation cost of participating creators will be covered.)
March 9-14, 2009: The 8th Japan Fashion Week in TOKYO
Holding of collection show and exhibition/business meetings for “SHINMAI Creator’s Project” participants
Holding an open review meeting