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Stööki x Topman

The 18-carat gold plated “Geodesic” collection will be the first collaborative jewellery project for independent lifestyle brand Stööki. The 11-piece range focuses on form, layering and innovation. Exploring the arrangement of shapes to create illusions, symmetry and mathematics, Stööki brings together sartorial elements with geometry. Each piece is hand-crafted to present a sharp geodesic line with sculptural and three-dimensional shapes that have a mechanical and futurist feel. These bold pieces make a unique statement for everyday dressing as Stööki bridge the gap between jewellery and the garment. The collection aims to highlight and adorn every- day menswear clothing, with key pieces such as sharp button covers and ornate collar tips to create luxury street wear.

Umasan World - Image

With our Collections we searched and strengthen the relationship of the self and his inner world and his dedication to it, in which they refuse any form of dogmatism. UMASAN is a aesthetic homage to a unpolished and functional design. The creations are sincere and natural, a subtle phenomena. They melt together with the body and harmonize it into its infinite variety. While a general applicable ideal is that a whole perfect symmetrical illustrates perfection, UMASAN Collection shows that the natural asymmetry and irregularities followed the shape of the beauty of nature.

Antoniya Ivanova - Girls on Bikes

Director: Nehemias Colindres
Director of Photography: Philip Reinhold
Cast: Aiste, Agnes, Chloé, Lucia
Makeup & Hair: Ewa @ Nude Agency
Assistant Makeup & Hair: Gianluca Venerdini
Music Composer: Manfred Tausch
Editor: Oliver Stumpf
Color grade: Stephan Walsch
Backstage Photographer: Fabienne Karmann

Maison Matthew Gallagher - Autumn Winter 2013

Balmy Italian summers - Rich with sun baked pastels, lush greenery, blue skies and little responsibility. Escape to the glamour of extravagant villas, set along crystal clear coastline and white beaches, with a modern girl who represents the young and exciting world of the Italian Riviera. Pops of colour and grand architecture speckled among the fresh greenery and wild flowers create a beautifully harmonious contrast. Sun bleached frescos and intertwining plaster details adorn the simple lines of ancient structures while painfully chic women make their way through the winding streets. Maison Matthew Gallagher spring summer 2014 focused on the adornment, colorscape and simplicity which has a sense of understated, relaxed elegance and drama.

Felipe Rojas LLanos - A Boy Alone with Himself

Felipe collaborated with Alexandros Pissourios to create A Boy Alone with Himself, the video was presented by Dazed and Confused for LCM June 2012

We Are Islanders - 4/704

4/704 was an instillation to mark 4 of the 704 annual high tides that mainly go un-noticed in Dublin. The installation consisted of 3 x 3mtr high self-contained dying units on Sandymount strand, each with a garment inside. Through a buoyancy system, the mark of the tide’s undulation was transferred onto the clothes over 48 hours, creating a ‘textural time lapse’.

Howl - We Are The Woods

Sustainable collection, organic silks, willow catkins, soft filled shapes, Harz's forest print...This video is the mood of a collection that invites us to warm up into the woods, against the hard winter. Like a cabin in the forest. We Are The Woods.

Model: Viktoria Bruns
Model: Thommy Momsen
Hair and Make up : Yankee Tsang
Styling: Maria Glück
Artistic Director: Miren Oller
Assistant: Johne Pahl
Cinematography, direction, edition: Ignacio Camarón

Arizona Baby by Cristian Di Stefano

Photography and Creative Direction Cristian Di Stefano
Fashion Funnytastes
Cinematograpy Octavio Arias
Camera Assistant Miguel Angulo
Make-Up & Hair Laura Leon
Photo Assis. Cesar Cordiano
Production Simplyprorsum
Props Equipment Antiestatico
Props Buyer Lostdolphin
Model Minerva Portillo
Film By Guillermo Madurga
Music College / The Zemblya Expedition

Anne Sofie Madsen, Y-3 By Yohji Yamamoto, American Retro, Markes Almeida, Yojiro Kake, Converse, Eugenialejos, Très Bonjour, Fleet Ilya, Danielle Romeril, Linda Farrow, Dagmar Kestner, Vibe Johansson, Daniel Palillo, Jaime Mesa, Harbort, Coii, Minki Cheng, Gonzalo Cutrina, Julia Kaldy, Patrick Li, Olga Noronha, Dioralop, Nixon

Raw Taste - Impair

Sasha Cherovsky’s handmade pieces are easy to incorporate and give instant drama. She sees her craft as small-scale sculpture that complements one’s sensuality; male or female. Truly testimonial, she values quality over quantity, uniqueness over conventional and spiritual energy over emptiness. Nature fuels her inspiration; to return the favor, she gives back by protecting it and using responsibly sourced raw materials. A true lifestyle surrounds her timeless creations and she wishes to spread the love.

Akikonei - The Innocents Abroad

Motion Design: Takanori Yashiro
Animation: Akiko Nei
Sounds Edit: Gernot Fuhrmann
Model: Rio@models1
Direction: Akio

Janna Van Vugt - Teaser Collection 2013

Janna van Vugt draws inspiration from architecture in combination with elements from living nature. The Goetheanum (1928, Rudolf Steiner) is an endless source of inspiration to her. A building with it’s plastic forms, in which flowing lines are combined with flat surfaces, creating a captivating tension. By working with sculptural forms her designs represent femininity. A serene and refined image, rich in detail. To achieve this effect, simplicity, serenity and balance are essential. Photography: Anouk van Kalmthout, Ester Grass Vergara, Lynn Romijn. Video: a short teaser made by Jeroen Hoogaars

Woolings - Hand Made Shoes

Woolings - lightness and freshness of Your feet, in the office and in the street.
Woolings are the modern remake of Russian walenki, with a signature accomplishment of a non-glide sole.
Woolings are covered with water-resistant layer, but still allows your skin to breath and maintains good health of your feet.
Woolings - excellent design that is Hand made within 9 1/2 hours of earth time.

A Lunch with Lara Khoury

This is a short documentary that tries to capture the feelings and emotions of people in Lebanon. Shot in the Beqaa, Lebanon at Tawlet Ammik. 30 or so people were invited by Lara Khoury for a lunch, and given the chance to express their feelings in one word about their country, Lebanon.

Produced by Khalil Khatib.
Directed, Cinematography and Edited by Ziad Oakes
This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark III over one afternoon.
Music from Audio Network and Chaz Knapp

Khogy - The Story Behind the Fish For My Unborn Children

Khogy’s founders, Jenny and Caroline, are committed environmentalists and entrepreneurs. When they learned of the millions of tons of fish skins discarded every year by the fishing industry, they saw an opportunity. By reclaiming tuna skins, tanning them, and transforming them into a unique collection of leather accessories, they are creating objects that share a powerful story about the world we live in.

Directed/Cinematography: Andrew David Watson
Music: Lions In Manila

It Melts By Gsus Lopez Featuring Taeseok Kang

Written and directed by Gsus Lopez a for Pigeons & Peacocks Magazine (issue 6)

Cast & Crew:
Keira Duffy
Jeff Kristian
Jose Wickert
Styled by Viktorija Balankevic
Cinematography: Rafael Bujosa
Editing and Colour Grading: Victor Tomi
Make up Artist: Nancy Lopez
Sound Design: Vicente Villaescusa
Art Director: Pedro Barbosa
VFX Supervisor: Sarah Byers
Hair Stylist: Irene Wang
Camera Operator: Laura Marcato
Production Manager: Anastasia Miari
Production Assistant: Estefania Lopez
1st AC: Jose Miguel Garcia
ADR Recordist: Fernando Calleja
Stills Photographer: Katy Davies
Cake Artist: Rosie Spragg

Jacob Birge Vision - Spring Summer 2014

Jacob Birge Vision SS 2014 collection is inspired by a Scandinavian Architecture - combination of natural colours and the different qualities and surfaceces within one design is reflected within the collection. Within our research we tried to find various techniques of combining soft materials with more solid surfaces – we believe that a good design is a balance between them.Brown, beige and grey displayed on the white background are the major colours of the collection. There are strong references to 50’s fashion in terms of silhouette and feel.

Directed by : Anna Freemantle, Jonathan Freemantle, Jacob Birge
Camera: Jonathan Freemantle, Jacob Birge Vision
Photography: Katarzyna Branicka
Cast: Anna, Jonathan , Max, Leo Freemantle
Place: The Caledonian Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Edinburgh

Sonja Jocic - Dream & Awake

Dream Awake’s is aiming to explore methods of reflection, repetition and extension in garments based on the borderline between states of consciousness. According to my own findings, thoughts and clothing style, the research of psychological, scientific and historical aspects, I’m questioning the borderline between the state of being awake and dreaming.
The motive for this project is to bring an innovative perception of garment guided by its reflection. Its interaction with body changes the perspective on familiar garment utility by opening a variety of unexpected ways of wearing our clothes. In series of different investigations that work with issues of deconstruction and mirror reflection the lineup develops a research focused on the borderline between states of consciousness. Clothes: Sonja Jocic; Hair: Roger Persson; Makeup: Anna Karlsson; Styling: Sidsel Löyche; Model: Sidsel Løyche and Emmeli Rolleberg; Photo: Sam Lindh with Nina Rosenqvis;