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LAU - LAUmetry

“Going beyond style and customs of life. Walking through memories and repossession. Letting trends pass by and collecting a cross section of style , a silent language, subtle, always slipping away when one attempts to confine it, setting limits and boundaries.”

Hemcya - Neoteric: Part 1

As part of the official London Fashion Week Digital Schedule for Autumn/Winter 2014, HEMYCA presents " Neoteric". The collection, illustrated with a feature film of seven abstract worlds, delves into the work of photographic artist Gilbert Garcin. This film presentation is Part 1, with the complete film coming soon. Exploring the fine line between fiction and reality, creating illusions of the seemingly impossible, Garcin is living proof that we set our own limits: Seamlessly merging the spheres of illusion with the actuality of the HEMYCA woman, themes of restriction, release and new beginnings are explored.

Director: Chris Butler
Producer & Art Director: Che Frantz
HEMYCA Woman: Nina Döinghaus from Supa Model Management
Director of Photography: Leigh Alner
Stylist: Linh Ly
Studio Management Team: Filmscape Media
V.F.X. and Post Production: Chris Butler, Gary Butler, Sean Holdstock and Ravind Lekh
Artist 1: Dave Labassiere
Artist 2: Mascha Gusova
Artist 3: Ben Murphy
DIP: Colin McRobie
Camera Assistant: Simona Susnea
Camera/Lighting: Yinka Edward
Lighting Assistant: Ben Hecking
Hair Stylist: Natalie Love from Edward James London Aveda Salon
Makeup: Dani Guinsberg
Music Director: Will Durzu
"Soul Reprise" written and performed by Dave.i.d

The Monik: Walking on a Thin Line

Enemy of I music video. Styling by themonik using themonik fashion, accessories and jewellery.

Emma Liljedahl - Apollonius

Emma Liljedahl is a menswear designer from Oslo, Norway. She graduated from ESMOD Oslo in 2011 with her diploma collection “Those who wander the desert”, a menswear collection inspired by desert wanderers in urban scenery.
With urban landscape and streetwear as her main inspiration source, her design is basic menswear pieces of soft, masculine silhouettes and minimalistic lines. After graduating, Emma worked as a design intern at V Ave Shoe Repair in Stockholm, Sweden. In January 2013 Emma presented her second collection, “Basic Necessities”, at the biannual independent fashion show UP, in Oslo. In 2013 Emma launched her own Oslo based menswear brand named
a p o l l o n i u s. The name a p o l l o n i u s originates from her great-great-great-grandfather, named Apollonius Liljedahl who was a tailor. The SS14 collection was presented at Brooklyn Fashion Week 4th of October 2013. In February 2014 the AW collection will be presented at New York Fashion Week

Dimitris Folas - Uma Kangai

Creative Direction, styling: Dimitris Folas & Charlotte Neuwels
Model: Stephanie Silva
Makeup: Laura Maxwell-Stamp
Hair: Liivie Live
Lighting: Robbie Munn
Assistants: Andriana Varnakidou, Maria Georgiou
Photographer: Sandy Grabowska
Sound Editor: Julie Schutz
Music: Marina and the Diamonds - Lies, Drake - Crew Love

Domanoff - Spring Summer 2014

Video - Maksim Finogeev
Model - Marfa

Kaoru Oshima - Human Figures in Motion

The inspiration comes from Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures, which was based on human figures in motion. The sculptures look like three dimensional abstract collages from 360 degrees. The project explores through my original collages based on the pictures taken in public spaces and the collection consists of different weights of knitted fabric which perform beautifully on bodies in action.

Biko Jewellery - Beachcomber

Designer Corrine Anestopoulos discovers Biko’s inner ‘beach babe’ with her newest line BEACHCOMBER, a 30-piece collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Bouret - Laxe

"Grandmother's trousseau: it's lingerie, nightshirts, shawls, and tablecloths were used for creating a line of dresses imbibed by romanticism and nostalgia, which transfer us to the bucolic and antique atmosphere of the galician pazos. All of this, evolved by a melodious conjunction of delicate fabrics, such as silk, voile and tul, completed by laces, tiny covered buttons and Chantilly laces. The fluidity on the fabrics makes it's visual beauty reach to moments of absolutely poetry in motion. The dresses slide and dance while walking."

LYN by Jocelyn Pucard - Triptyqu3

A intimate short film introducing LYN's futuristic world of restrain and freedom.

Natalie B Colman - I Belong to Me '

Featuring: Erica Fletcher at M+P Models
Stylist: Aisling Farinella
Hair: Declan Sheils
Makeup: Jennifer Parker & Kate Synnott
Stylist Assistant: Nia Samuel-Johnson
Editor: Nicola Sersale
Music: Kid Karate
Titles: John Paul Dowling
Thanks to: Shoreditch Studios
123 Lighting
Rosie at M+P Models

Dimitri - Autumn Winter 2014

Dimitri Autumn Winter Collection 2014 "Back to black"

Abraham K Hangul - Military Mento

ABRAHAM K HANGUL F/W 2014 COLLECTION starts from the two questions above and tries to depict a lot of factors which are created in the past and effect to human lives in the present, such as experience, thoughts, memories, and especially, ‘WAR’ – the expression of conflict. Human being has been expressed conflicts through numerous wars from the beginning till today. Those conflicts were because of ethnic or ideology in a larger sense, and because of various private reasons that a person has in a smaller sense. And, those wars accorded victory and triumphant senses in various figures to the survivors and made them to live today strongly. On the other hand, the survivors got another figure of fortitude in order to live in the present – which might be even more painful than butchery, torture, mental & physical aftereffect, etc. coming from war. In this F/W 2014 COLLECTION, ABRAHAM K HANGUL wants to depict memories & signs of war unconsciously carved in someone’s body and soul just like MEMENTO, as professional & tough modern women for ABRAHAM K HANGUL through using high-quality of Denim, Leather, Fur, etc. with the theme of MILITARY MEMENTO.

Eleanor Amoroso - Disclosure

Featuring Eleanor Amoroso Cream Macrame Dress