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Spring/summer 2012 fashion video

Produced & directed by Dmitry Loginov & Egor Kurdello
Models: Maria Kirsanova & Anastasia Shershen
Director of photography: Egor Kurdello
2d camera: Andrey Krauzov
Style: Alexander Devyatchenko
Make-up: SAVVA
Executive producer: Anna Barsukova



Emily Daccarett Spring/Summer 2014

Emily Daccarett Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign is a descriptive narrative that follows the story of two lovers a la Bonnie and Clyde.
Produced by Tiger House Films.
Je t'ai aimé dane le noir"
Music by S. Peace Nistades
Lyrics by Emily Daccarett
feat. Emily Daccarett & Jean-Louis Darville
Recorded and Mixed at Alkaloide Music Productions


A Fashion film by Nicola Saint Marc
Clothes - Mariapia Mineo
Model - Max

Solitud Time to Think by Greg Swales

A publication devoted to luxury fashion and lifestyle, with exquisite treatment of the latest trends and will guide both men and women. The travel reports will discover the true essence of each destination. Publication of man and woman that mixes fashion and travel.

I Leave My Portrait

Directed by Karim Huu Do

Story by Karim Huu Do & Florian Joye
Cast: Aiyana De Vree & Elias Krummenacher
DOP: David Baumann
Gaffer: Dino Berguglia
Sound Recordist: Bjorn Cornelius
Production Designer: Camille Lichtenstern
Colorist: Daniel De Vue
Music: Adil Do

Fashion Direction: Stefanie Biggel
Fashion Assistant: Andrea Schregenberger
Make up Artist: Lena Fleisher

With the help of Pumpkin Film, Bacon X, Caviar, Hastings, Gab Sassoon, Faye & Raphael Halloran

Alexandru Nimurad - The Quiet Insanity

“The Quite Insanity that place called home” is an exploration of a crazy mind. One moment in a shrink’s office when everything fades and colors drain. The void is slowly filled with white and black and the lack of familiar shapes and sounds. The project is explicitly a collaborative effort and it is a non-profit product. “The Quite Insanity” is a collaborative art project conceived to challenge presumed notions of opposition between what is real and what could be called “insanity”. In this project, colors, symbols shapes and objects are not juxtaposed but rather fused into imaginative hybrid image that lives as one body. The core idea is the creation of an experimental project in which creatives from different fields can express their vision working on one project, link their creativity and make a surreal dream grounded in the shared vision and passion of everyone involved. The challenge is to bring together as many people as possible, and allow them to communicate with each other through meaningful symbolic language, using their own ways of expression.


Model: Andrei Șeitan
Concept & Art Direction : Alexandru Nimurad
Directing & DOP: Vlad Bîrdu
Editing & Special Effects: Ionuț Popescu
Soundtrack: EINZIG
Typography & Graphic Design: Ionuț Rădulescu
Make Up: Mihaela Cherciu
Airbrushing & Hairstyling: Diana Ionescu
Wardrobe & Styling: Alexandru Nimurad
Setting Design & Furniture: INTRO

Nika Medisan - Capsule Spring Summer 2014

Nika Medisan's "Freedom of Choice" is a youth clothing brand. The philosophy of the brand is independence, confidence and audacity. This message is reflected by the materials, textures and design, which is soaked with rock 'n' roll mood and drive. The brand's founder is a young Ukrainian girl Nika.

Neanga London - Crown Leather

Neanga interests have been drawn to the personal relationship people have with each other. She is inspired by the feminine identities and their role in the modern society. Her work challenges values of the permanence and stability by embracing the beauty of the perfect, permanent, and complete. She creates the jewellery by focusing mainly on delicacy in the women’s life connecting emotions and feelings, that leads to a different outcome every single time.


Directed by: Denis' Ignatov
Photography: Christa Klubert
Styling: Raphael & Rolf Buck
Collection: Neanga
Hair & Make Up: Franziska Sonnabend
Model: Mia
Assistent: Daniel Lanzrath and Julia Werner
Sound: Gesaffelstein

Alexandra Abraham - Leather Is The Touch

You exist everywhere. You can touch anything. Can you find your stability just like that? You want to discover. You look inside, deeper and deeper. You find it. You feel it. You see it. It’s there. It’s part of you. Leather is the touch.


Concept: Alexandra Abraham & Andrei Țîrcă
Harness & Clothing: Alexandra Abraham
Model: Codruța Teslărașu
Make-up&Hair: Mirela Constantin
DOP: Adi Tudose
Editor: Andrei Țîrcă
Special thanks to Ștefan Cosma

Lorran Augusto - The Marais Collection

Lorran Augusto, natural of Santo Andre, sp Brazil. Graduated by Senac in a Bachelor's Degree on Fashion Design. He worked 2 years as an assistant of the designer Arnaldo Ventura, resident of the House of creators. He entered the "talents Senac 2011" and won the award as best designer of his year, with a scholarship to study at Esmod Paris.


Fotografia: Vanessa Diskin
Styling: George Krakowiak
Estilo: Lorran Augusto
Acessorios: Alexandre Pavao
Model: Camila Gonzalez Gamallo
Estudio: Zepedro Russo
Assistentes de Foto: Marcelo Capone and Leonardo Pavini
Assistente de moda: Adriana Montini

T-Raw and Tine Haaland-Paulsen - Romance And The Sea

Design Project 1814, Clothes, fashion, identity. A celebration of the 200-year anniversary of our constitution. Norwegian designers interprets their version of norwegian history, culture, immigration, tradition, and handicraft on commission from The Norwegian Fashion Institute. This is t/raw and Tine Haaland-Paulsen contribution. She has been inspired by travels in time and space to distant locations, history, and coastal living mixed with rural fables. The result is a personal interpretation of national romance made in two head pieces.

Joana Almagro - Thunderbolt P-47

Thunderbolt P- Design is the new autumn and winter collection which is influenced by the Manchester of Science and Institute Museum archives in Manchester UK. This is a fashion film that recreates Joana Almagro's vision about her research and fascination with different types of air crafts that were significant during the pre -and post war era .Thunderbolt P-47" which was the most influential fighter jet because it has different compartments, loaded with armored guns and big engines fighting against the Germans in mid- 1930'-40's. Patterns were made intricately and merge it with different use of fabric manipulation, giving a cutting edge design which is perfect to a contemporary fashion.


Movie by: Susana Kala (You Dunnos) and Victoria YJ
Models: Daniella Schutze, Natalie Cocker, Daisy Church

Obscure - Steinrohner

With their latest work 'Obscure', a collection in which the form is shaped by the material, Steinrohner applies paint-stone-shards and merges them to an obscure circus world, where glamorous clothes reveal a hidden stage in the very moment - beyond a dismal life and dreary work.

Anna Viik and J-Flowz - Lines

Avxjf Presents: J-Flowz - Lines. While in Estonia back in February 2014. Anna Viik and J-Flowz connected their two art worlds to take the project into visual production in order to create a short film, collaborating with some of the most creative videographers out there.

Ecke - For a Fistful of Buttons

We're super excited to share our visit to the realm of the bizarre and surreal. Ecke is a collaboration between Tiziano Colombi, an architect based in Cremona (it) and Liat Annina Polishuk, a pattern cutter based in London (UK).
Not being fashion designers allowed us to explore the boundaries of menswear in a casual wearable manner.
Our mutual love for well cut, casual and minimal clothes resulted in Ecke.

Jennifer Ewah - Genesis

Genesis is a short fashion film by Jennifer Ewah about the transition from darkness into light, from the void to new beginnings.Designing from three years of age, Oxford University trained lawyer turned designer Jennifer Ewah studied at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion. It was there that she found her true metier, by combining it with a lifelong passion for ethical issues and the rights and hopes of the socially marginalised.“Our brand seeks to evoke beauty through crafting wonderful pieces, yet also to commit to love for others as well as to a strong, beautiful aesthetic. The ethical aspect of the brand is not independent of the aesthetic; it informs and inspires it in the most fundamental way.”

Georgione Essi - Intro for collection I.D.

A mini film/artwork which explains my inspiration for uni sex clothing and influence when making my collection. I go deep inside of myself and find my painful spot and then I find solution on how to manifest that to all people.

About Baltic Underwear - Spring Summer 2015

About is an innovative underwear positioned as a high quality “progressive specialist” brand in the mid-price segment and is oriented towards the European markets. The brand from the Baltics created following the contemporary lifestyle trends and a well-motivated approach to product and design. This selection of products is dedicated to all 25+ customers who seek harmony between their personal wellness and the best underwear fitting experience.