the world a two-edged sword, duplicity it’s ugly norm in our dual existence, I see a transient truth what matters to one is self; so I make my own reality my vision of a future – more honest, yet another lie The spring summer 2014 collection is a result of dwelling on two characteristics of the modern human – duplicity and duality. Transposing these traits onto clothes that lie to the onlooker or serve a dual purpose. Double Waistband lend illusionary low-waists; Double Lapels add contrast; Detachable Sleeves and hoods add function. Some clothes are simultaneously two items of clothing – coat-back jumpsuit, skirt-back trouser, trail-dress jumpsuit. These details which express duplicity and duality make the clothes interesting while staying true to DRVV’s ideals. Fabrics too were chosen to highlight a sense of duality – double-sided crepe-georgette is used widely in the collection and is a prime example of the attention paid to every detail to keep the collection true to the inspiration. The result is a line of unique pieces, each of which a strong individual with the courage of their convictions would love to own and wear.


About the Designer

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Dhruv is based in NEW DELHI, India. He studied at London School of Economics and graduated in 2009. His collections are produced in India.

DRVV (spoken DRUV) is a brand new line set up in 2012 by Dhruv Kapur, an LSE graduate with several years of experience in Fashion and Retail Management.
The design philosophy is summed up in a few words: modern, astute, utilitarian, luxurious and sometimes severe.