Drawing inspiration from Hans Bellmer’s contorted dolls and the repetitive lines of his drawings, the pieces are awkward and perplexing. Through creative cutting, the repetition of the seamlines through panelling creates the structure of the garments. Representing the mutated forms of Bellmer’s dolls, the asymmetrical and voluminous detailing creates and invents the new and unconventional silhouette, going against the idea of the perfect body, which represents the designer’s intention to look at how the body of the wearer can be transformed through the clothing yet still exhibiting the original body form. Another aspect, which is evident in the silhouette of the garments, is the bulbous and almost spherical shape, which is inspired by cocoons.

About the Designer


Dervin is based in Rochester, United Kingdom. He studied at UCA Rochester and graduated in 2010. His collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Graduated in 2010 from University for the Creative Arts (Rochester), especialising in womenswear. Recently completed a design project and currently working on a collaborative menswear project.