An expression of the creative New Wave of Made in Italy, the avant-garde brand CO|TE, founded by young designers Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi, presents a preview of its SS 2014 collection. A collection meant to praise the femininity of a strong woman with a really unique style, dedicated to all the “sporty-chic bad girls”, who know what they want and who love to wear items which depict their versatile and dynamic spirit. Colours and fabrics are paired with the intention to highlight an image of soft strength: trousers, sweaters, skirts and coats in electric blue piqué cotton are enriched by details in neoprene mesh and lined in optical white tulle, for an irresistibly sporty but feminine look. The pastel tones play with strong materials for paradoxical matches of great impact, for example in the flocked doubled fabrics in nude and aqua, mixed with banana-coloured cady and nude neoprene. For the first time, the collection is enriched all over by embroidery: refined sequins provide a chameleonic effect on skirts, tops, sweaters, transforming the texture in an iconic and iridescent 3D snakeskin. Pink neoprene details add a contemporary design touch and new volumes to the creations. Orange makes a comeback, in a vivid, nearly brazen shade, in super soft knits which define the impalpable wearability of trousers, shirt and dresses. Also the accessories are enriched by new model designs and new materials. The Boxy Bag is back, this time in ostrich, while the ultimate new entry is the 3D Mini Bag: revisiting the traditional pochette, CO|TE proposes an elegant bag with lines that play with the typical geometries of the brand. In the new mirrored version and in nude leather, the brand’s new creation is characterized by luxury materials and by the artisanal craft that is an expression of the best Made in Italy heritage. The style of the CO|TE woman is completed by the amusing knuckleduster in gilded metal, which gives character and an immediate gold and glam touch to those who wear it. A versatile buckle in brass and white methacrylate can be used as a closure for bags but also as a bracelet, as a necklace and on belts.


About the Designer

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Francesco & Tomaso is based in Milano, Italy. His collections are produced in Italy.

CO|TE is an Italian brand founded by designers Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari. Both are graduates at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Tomaso and Francesco met whilst jointly involved in several important collaborations and from this a fast friendship and foundation for their brand CO|TE was born. CO|TE means shelter and protection. A theme that young designers use in their collections. The designs are produced in Italy following the tradition and quality of Made in Italy. The designers' consistent point of reference is the image of a curious woman, who loves to experiment without being ordinary. Geometric shapes are the basis of each single piece and that is why the choice of fabrics is of primary importance, to maintain the desired volume, both when designing the silhouette and when the clothes are worn. The final image is created by games of chromatic overlays which express the concept of a new austerity. The collection focuses of the female body, giving it sensuality, without making it vulgar.