Co|te presents an Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collection which explores new potentials within geometric lines: they acquire a more sinuous shape to emphasise the sensuality and femininity of the woman wearing them.The chromatic and textile combinations contribute in creating a strong image, full of character, for a woman who knows how to make an impression as she passes, remaining etched in people’s memory, just like a spray of elegant and penetrating perfume. The items in the collection are made more precious by use of jacquard fabrics for a singular 3d effect. Prints are back, together with experiments on fabrics and combinations: The funny “SnowFlake” print, is made according to an interpretation that emphasize the geometry is used to characterize the collection, revisiting the classic snow flake in a modern view. Colors like coral and purple are printed on a white base to exalts the print.The path of experimentation and research also continues in the choice of materials, for example in the use of a jacquard spotted effect fabric next to a classic cady, revisited with inclusion of pleated details, or gold and silver lurex jacquard inspired from Ginko Biloba leaves on a pink and black base embellishing dresses, trousers, coats and bomber. The dresses have very feminine lines and are characterized by rounded necklines and a design that highlights the waist, for a bon chic bon genre femininity which is also evident in the mix of different fabrics and in the bright colours like purple and red.The collection explores new variations on the theme of the jacket: the bomber has been reinterpreted with eco fur petrol, jacquard and printed neoprene. Even the coats acquire new energy, thanks to the choice of colours and the experimental combinations: blue wool, spotted jacquard and petrol eco fur to create a geometry play.The accessories are made even richer by buckles in polished brass, immediately projecting the image of a determined and confident woman who wants to stand out even in her choice of accessories. The bags explore the materials like: glossy red leather and black alligator effect leather for the “Boxy Bag” and the “3d Mini Bag”, and for the iconic Co|te “Holiday Backpack”. A collection dedicated to a woman who loves to be firmly rooted in the present, and whose style enables her to find brand new modes to express herself each and every time - also by rediscovering the purest playful side of her personality.


About the Designer

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Francesco & Tomaso is based in Milano, Italy. His collections are produced in Italy.

Co|te is an Italian brand founded by designers Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari. Both are graduates at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Tomaso and Francesco met whilst jointly involved in several important collaborations and from this a fast friendship and foundation for their brand Co|te was born. Co|te means shelter and protection. A theme that young designers use in their collections. The designs are produced in Italy following the tradition and quality of Made in Italy. The designers' consistent point of reference is the image of a curious woman, who loves to experiment without being ordinary. Geometric shapes are the basis of each single piece and that is why the choice of fabrics is of primary importance, to maintain the desired volume, both when designing the silhouette and when the clothes are worn. The final image is created by games of chromatic overlays which express the concept of a new austerity. The collection focuses of the female body, giving it sensuality, without making it vulgar.