Randomising Design Workshops

Wednesday, 29 August, 2012

Lynsey Coke, of Cokelove Studio is a london based designer and stylist. with experience working for the likes of Alex Noble, Adidas and Yo’h Studio, she has been named as ‘one of the best 2012 graduates’ by Blueprint Magazine.

Lynsey works from a unique randomised design process which generates completely unexpected outcomes. Lynsey uses variables such as lottery numbers, cars passing by and random shops to dictate her material choice and the context of final design articles, thus generating a more randomised output.

These workshops are aimed at fashion, textile and jewellery design students but open to anyone up for a challenge. You do not need to be overtly creative, just equipped with an open mind!

In the workshop, you will learn:
// how to eradicate the need for research and post-rationalisation
// the importance of Risk-taking in Design
// how to create your own unique random process
// how to work with challenging materials

This is a great opportunity to explore the design process, to generate ideas, and to go home with some really interesting samples or pieces. You will get to see a working designers studio and have something to put on your CV at the end of it. The workshops will be intimate with only 4-5 students per day.

// 10am-5pm
// Workshops are held in Hackney Downs Studios, E8 2BT.
// Lunch and materials are provided
// Price - £128.00 or with 15% Student discount - £108.00

To book a place or request more information, please email info@cokelove.co.uk. Available dates are listed below:

Saturday 15th
Saturday 22nd

Saturday 13th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st

Saturday 10th
Saturday 17th
Sunday 18th