Exhibit in Paris This Summer

Monday, 18 June, 2012

Any Indian designers, or designers whos collection is inspired by India who would like a one night opportunity to showcase their work in Paris during the month of August, here is your chance! Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Artist and Healer, founder of In Praise of the Void moves his Canal St., NY pop-up store to Paris for the summer.

Hosted by The Brachfeld Gallery, the pop-up will be in residence the month of August (art show runs July 11-Sept 15th). The walls in the gallery will display Rosenberg's art from India, and there is possibility for projecting films and stills in another room. The schedule is already quite booked, but there is still a spot or two left. Please check here for dates: http://inpraiseofthevoid.tumblr.com/post/24954855540/aug-2012-paris-resi...

Please send a brief description of what you would like to do (consciousness expanding or India themed/inspired please), as well as some sort of bio on you, and links to your WWW trophy case.

Feel free to contact Oliver directly if your interested at: ufoliver2@yahoo.com

About the Gallery
Brachfeld gallery is a place for coming together around the idea of creative expression in all of its forms. Created in 2008, Brachfeld Gallery aspires to be an "open" space. A forum for creative conversations between various disciplines, people, backgrounds, and goals. The link between all is the pure creative drive, a personal expression found beyond (or even within) what can often be seen as commercial work.

Our original universe is that of fashion; focusing on showcasing the more personal work of those either within or on the periphery of the industry. Through collaboration or just plain inspiration our programming has widened to include anything from photography, design, sculpture, installation, scent, drawing, film, performance, artisanship, food and music.

Another permanent aspect of our programming is guest "pop up" stores. Independent minds from around the world who curate or create shops and products that we admire. This includes fashion, design, food, and anything in between.

We also often like to surprise ourselves with various events; concerts, meals, yoga, or impromptu happenings to keep the community in good form.

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