Monday, 28 May, 2012

Londons leading fashion production company, Rah Productions, are seeking high-end designers, for The Jewellery Show London, catwalk, which will be held at Somerset House from the 11th to 12th June.

To compliment the International Jewellery brands, we are a looking for stunning high end clothing and footwear. We are only looking for Womens-wear, it must be high end quality. The scenes will consist of; Evening-wear, Day time dresses, Tailoring, Knitwear and body con pieces. It doesn't have to be current season, we can look at any collections past or present. This event is free to take part, and it will be great exposure for all involved.

The show will be open for Consumer Press and the public. The Catwalk stage is held in an enclosed auditorium with strict ticket access.

The Jewellery brands involved are high end/luxury jewellery brands from cutting edge designers such as Nicholas King, Cindy Dennis Mangan, Missoma, Mark Milton and SHO Jewellery to name a few.

For all clothing designers involved - The catwalk program will contain full credits for each brand involved. The program will be displayed on each chair in the auditorium. Each designer will also be credited on the Jewellery Show London website, with name, logo and website link.

The clothing would be needed from the 7th - 13th June. We will also be able to provide stunning catwalk photography after the show for you to use on websites and blogs, etc. The clothing designers that show case, do not need to pay anything to feature on the catwalk. So this really is a great opportunity to gain lots of exposure in a very high end market.

The next step if your interested is to send look books, or images to the Stylist - Siouxsie -