Grafik Apparel: Interweaving Art and Fashion

Tuesday, 11 October, 2011

londonprintstudio’s forthcoming exhibition Grafik Apparel examines the interlocking strategies of artists and designers who stretch and invisibly mend the codes and clothes we ‘wear’. Clothes entwine references, ironies and identities. Historically garments express a collective state of mind, status, allegiance, profession – and individual dreams. 70’s punk expressed disillusionment with authority.
In the 1920s and 1930s, couturier Schiaparelli worked with leading artists and designed clothes that referenced surrealism, while artist Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven challenged respectable society as ‘the only one living anywhere who dresses Dada, loves Dada, lives Dada’.
Both art and fashion mirror aesthetic perceptions and employ the senses. From the 1980’s, many fashion designers have wanted to be recognised as artists, producing ‘conceptual clothes’. Using strategies associated with contemporary art they have created clothes that are sometimes better suited to exhibitions than for everyday wear.
However, artists have often designed clothes- from Klimt to Matisse, Salvador Dalí, Aleksandr Rodchenko,
and Oscar Schlemmer. Sonia Delaunay and Natalia Goncharova were particularly interested in clothes and textile design, producing many designs for popular consumption.

This exhibition will explore the creative tension between the separate worlds of art and fashion. It will open in early December 2011 and extend to mid March 2012, and includes the following themes: Secrets, hopes, mysteries and lies Role-play Reconfiguration Surface Meaning Mirrors.

londonprintstudio exhibitions explore ideas and boundaries between art, popular culture and social engagement. londonprintstudio works creatively with a range of artists and curators in producing its exhibitions. This show is jointly curated by John Phillips and Zhivka Haskiya. Sian Weston is a special adviser. John Phillips is an artist, designer, curator and writer whose work addresses contemporary social issues. In 1974 he was a co-founder of Paddington Printshop, which subsequently became londonprintstudio of which he is currently the Director. John frequently works collaboratively. Recent exhibitions include: Groove Grove Graphics (2010 with Jane Goodsir), Taking Issue (2010), Memoirs From a Cold Utopia (2011 with Eve Kask).
Zhivka (Jiji) Haskiya is 25 year old photographer and stylist; explorer and idealist. Since graduating in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion, she has been investigating the borders where fashion and art congregate. She is fascinated by the personal relationship between the garment and the wearer; and the individual speech created when attire is layered on the body. Jiji has already exhibited her work professionally, and now is excited about gathering other artists’ adventures for the exhibition. Sian Weston is an independent curator, researcher and writer with an interest in political textiles. Her background is within printed and embroidered textiles, and she is currently undertaking a PhD in fashion and globalisation.

We are currently researching work for inclusion in the exhibition and welcome proposals from art and creative practitioners.

Please send:

1. Your CV
2. Relevant visual examples of your work
3. Brief explanation of how it relates to the subject or a proposal for the exhibition


Jiji Haskiya
425 Harrow Road
London W10 4RE