Made in Cardato. Fashion & Design Contest

Wednesday, 1 June, 2011

The Chambers of Commerce of Prato, in collaboration with Prato Textile Museum, presents a great opportunity for all NJAL designers.

Made in Cardato. Fashion & Design Contest, is an international competition for young creatives aiming to highlight the potential of the next generation of designers by supporting the use of the Cardato regenerated CO2 neutral textiles, the world’s first certified ‘zero-emission’ textile product.

The Fashion & Design Competition will highlight the creative and productive resources of Prato's traditional textile products by offering young designers from all over the world the chance to test their own talent in creating fashion and design items using “cardato” textiles.

The event was facilitated by the support of leading companies in the Prato textile district, which joined Cardato alongside the Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of “Cardato” Textiles. A strong collaboration that drives attention to the textile companies supporting young designers, with the outlook to exchange creative ideas, know-how and productivity tools.

The competition is open to young fashion and industrial design talents, aged between 18 and 30, however still active as designers either by studying or already working as a professional in the field.

The official website has been launched in April and provides all related information and news about the event, the Competition's Facebook page will give participants a medium to virtually meet, change thoughts and ideas.