Friday, 6 May, 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards is the leading international platform for celebrating innovation in design for sustainability. Designed & coordinated by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion.

Inspire the industry in a radically new and different direction!

£1000 prize for each winner in the 5 categories

Showcased at a major London exhibition at Canary Wharf, finalists will have their work captured through film, photography, display and interactive media.

The showcase is a platform to the fashion sector of the best emerging talent equipped and prepared to contribute to our collective prosperity.

Become part of a community and participate in a dialogue relevant to all young designers in fashion.

Step 3 / Submit your work on line
Watch this space for more details of submitting work on line!

Deadlines /
Round 1: 15th June 2011
You will be required to submit your work online.

Round 2: July 2011
Shortlisted submissions may require hard copy submission or practice based submission of 3D work.
Finalists will be contacted; the deadline for hard copy and 3D submissions will be 29th July 2011.

Fashioning the Future Awards provides applicants with a wealth of dedicated online resources which can inspire and inform applications.

Check out the Unique Resources available online to support your application.

Organisations that provide expertise and guidance around conserving wildlife and communities.

Bespoke tools and software for developing ideas.

Communication and Enterprise
Services and a variety of information about all aspects of the fashion industry to inspire innovation.

Materials and Processes
Information on materials and natural fibres which are sustainable, high tech and fashionable.

The 2011 awards are a showcase for exceptional work that celebrates ‘Unique’ ways to create our futures.

We invite you to provoke and nurture ‘Unique’ responses to our collective desire for a thriving world in 5 Award Categories:

1 / Unique Design

2 / Unique Enterprise

3 / Unique Communication

4 / Unique Balance

5 / Unique Materials and Processes

For further information on the award categories and details on the submission process, download the Fashioning the Future Applicant and Tutor Pack.

Fashioning the Future Awards is an awards programme open to all current students and recent graduates who completed a course in 2008, 2009, or 2010.

Applicants must be enrolled on or have graduated from an FdA, BA and/or postgraduate or equivalent course in any fashion related subject from any university or college worldwide.

Students and recent graduates from all fashion courses are eligible to take part, for example design, promotion, management, photography, styling, retail, buying, etc...

Applicants can submit work for one or more of the award(s) categories.
Submissions can be from individuals, collaborations, group projects and/or organisations.

For full details on the awards categories:

Step 1 / Register for the Awards

Step 2 / Download the Fashioning the Future Applicant and Tutor Pack

The pack contains guidelines for each award category and process for submission.
Read these carefully and use the resources available on the website to inform and inspire your work.

Tutors may want to consider using the briefs in number of different ways:

Develop a project for a specific course or curriculum based project with a group of students around the awards categories
Select an individual or group of students to develop work responding to the awards categories
Disseminate the pack to students and recent graduates and encourage them to apply
Share the pack with fellow tutors and develop interdisciplinary responses to the award categories