The inspiration behind this collection was a desire to create a body of work that would be a progression of my work before. I wanted to capture something that was quite minimal, sophisticated and futuristic but not in an obvious way. Hidden Emotional Pain, Architecture and Geometric Shape were influences and inspirations behind the development of the concept and the design process of the collection, as well as artist and architect Junya Ishigami. The collection is entitled Dysfunction, which resonated with my own emotions and feelings at the time, as well as expressing the fusion of cut, shape and silhouettes used within the collection. Light references to Central African dress is seen in the silhouette, layering, fabrics and the colour palette. Mainly natural fabrics were used such as linens and cottons in hues of beige, creams, greys, whites, metallic coated cotton and reflective techno accents bringing in a modernity and freshness to the collection.

About the Designer


chelsea is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at UCA Rochester and graduated in 2010. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Chelsea Bravo graduated from UCA Rochester in 2010 with her graduate collection 'Soft Armour' being selected to showcase at Graduate Fashion Week. Upon graduating she went on to intern with menswear designers Christopher Shannon and Martine Rose before starting her menswear label Chelsea Bravo.
The Chelsea Bravo menswear collections articulate a refreshing approach to modern menswear through fusing creative cutting techniques with traditional menswear details and streetwear influences.
Her collections are characterized by a sculptural yet soft quality that works in harmony with the form of the body. Inspired by her ignited desire to explore and push the boundaries of garment construction and cut, close attention is consistently given to shape and synthesised with a clean finish of what she calls ‘London Cool’.
Bravo updates the proportions and relaxes the structure of traditional menswear, her relentless vision results in a directional and contemporary approach to design, expressing a new identity in modern menswear.