“THE BLACK COLLECTION” BY BLACK BALLOON aka PREMIUM COLLECTION Next to their prêt-a-porter collection they also launch their premium collection called the BLACK collection, a total concept filled with custom made prints and ingenious designs, some simple some complex, but every time with that extra va-va-voom As if there’s music in their designs, and they turned it up a notch! Inspired by John Dalton, the father of the modern atomic theory and known for his research into color blindness. (Daltonism) His theory is as follows: in emergence of new substances only the way atoms are connected changes, the atoms themselves do not change. They applied this theory to their “Black” Collection by plating known Black Balloon elements and designs. The overall look and silhouettes are very different but remain at the same time very familiar. The collection becomes somehow immortalized. Their a-typical way of working with a blink of an eye is never far away. The Dalton brothers, misfits of the Wild West, sneak in the collection. They were outcasts, just like Black Balloon. The result: a timeless collection for outlaws of this generation. The Black Collection, a premium Black Balloon with an extra va-va-voom!


About the Designer


Cléo & Sarah is based in Ghent, Belgium. She studied at Royal Academy Ghent, Royal Academy Sint Niklaas and graduated in 2009. Her collections are produced in Belgium.

Black Balloon = Cléo Baele & Sarah Bos
Together they form the creative brain behind this young label from Ghent, where they create their own world, the world of Black Balloon: a trendy label of clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women, inspired by a mix of music and emotions.
The men and woman-collections of this duo combine female and tough elements, simply yet edgy, with an eye for detail and refinement, “nouveau chic” as they like to call it. A total concept from top to toe!
Their graduate collection of nearly 2 years ago, presented during the KASK fashion show, resulted in the prestigious Fred and Ginger price for the most promising collection.
Their atypical way of working and creations already got a lot of visibility in the national and international press.
Celebrity dressing/handmade & made to measure collection:
They already designed a collection of shoes and accessories for Soulwax, and Arno (Le Chevalier des Arts) seduces at present the stage in a complete Black Balloon outfit. Barbara Sarafian (Belgian actress from the movies Bull-head and Moscow) could be admired in a Black Balloon party dress on the recent Flemish Oscars ‘Nacht van de TV-sterren’. Baloji former rapper with Starflam is touring the world with his solo project in a Black Balloon outfit!
Past Projects
During the International Design Biennale Interior 2010 in Kortrijk (Belgium), the hosts and hostesses were entirely dressed by Black Balloon.
The official opening of their first flagship store in Ghent and the launching of their webshop is in the meantime already a fact!