A collaboration with Justice And Morphine. This collection is just all about statements from the internet. That is, bad words which people may find offensive. That's what I like when people look at you because of the statement. But what's really important is what you feel inside. On a different note, the color palette was mainly black and white. I just wanted it to look classic but riot chic at the same time. I also used studs on the shoulders to accentuate. Hanging chains of silver and black to create a fresh but rocker look. All of these were sold on Justice and Morphine in Facebook. They were all sold-out. So I think this is just mainly for keeping you excited. Because I now have an online shop called 'BimBim' on Facebook. Yes! My first line ever. Watch out for my first collection.

About the Designer

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Philip is based in Cebu City, Philippines. His collections are produced in Philippines.

A 17-year old communications student who hates waking up in the morning thinking about school. Technically, a fashion blogger. But soon-to-be a designer. On a random day, a desperate pop/rock star but can be a very sick DIY-er.
My works primarily are DIYs.