My name is Santa Claus, Jesus Santa Claus, or simply Buddha, and I`ve sold my soul for candy canes. I drink Barbie vodka, and I live in playboy mansion, and I say - my new black is Islam, but I love the pope. You ask my - why!? I say - cause I am a shaman, who don`t believe in magic, I believe only in the force, black Rayban`s and Apple. I am a gentleman, who rides only bitches, cause I don`t like horses, and the reason of all that, my friend, is just blowing in the wind..


About the Designer

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Arvils is based in Riga, Latvia. He studied at Art Academy of Latvia. His collections are produced in Latvia.

Designer of the label ARVILS LINDE is an artist, fashion designer and illustrator Arvils Linde
Motto of the label: I AM
Designer’s style is shown through the transformations and mutations of a classical dress followed by endless searching of progressive innovations, at the same time using elements of historical dress, timeless technologies, values and constant high quality.
Collections of the label are charged by innovation and progressiveness, however, remaining elegant.