In this series Chaves’ explores the concept of movement as she pushes craftsmanship to realise a sculptural aesthetic, where material and geometry are integral to the shoe design. The result is fluid structures, that involve the foot, and create a modern and unique effect. ‘Goldsculpt’, which is available in three different models is completely handmade in Italy (for the leather work) and Ireland (for the gold structures). Shoes are made in goat leather or lambskin and all of the structures are 24K gold plated.


About the Designer


Andreia is based in Milan, Italy. She studied at Polimoda and graduated in 2010. Her collections are produced in Italy.

A native of San Paulo, Brazil, Andreia Chaves’ work had captured the attention of international media even before her graduation from Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. She is best known for her innovative and distinctive visual approach, fusing craftsmanship, experimental materials and cutting edge technology to realize her footwear designs.
Chaves’ shoes are usually individual pieces, as they are not developed as big collections to be launched on the seasonal fashion calendars, but Limited Edition Series. She works between Europe and Brazil.