This project explores structure in natural forms to inform print design, surface treatments, laser cutting patterns and the overall silhouette of the collection This work researches naturally occurring shapes and structures and traditional construction methods for both cordwaining and surface/ textile treatments. Additionally exploring historical and social contexts, connotations of traditional male footwear, with a view to contemporise and feminise these constructions. Traditional male footwear constructions and the social and historical contexts will be explored to understand these types of footwear, and what they connote, specifically in terms of class, gender and quality of making. I will explore techniques that provide the classic curves of a brogue and adapt techniques to reflect structure in nature. Thus exploring men’s footwear traditions and reinterpret them in a contemporary female context, without eliminating their defining characteristics this informs initial design development. This work explores paper cutting such as the work of Robert Ryan to inform traditional craftsmanship within the area of print for both textiles and leather, and leather cutting techniques. The aim will be to maintain the hand crafted high quality workmanship associated with the brogue. This Project explores natural structure by looking at actual specimen and scientific illustrations from the Victorian period in entomology, bringing in the context of rich scientific heritage of England as an influence to design. This work looks at aspects of nature such as the structure of leaf skeletons, shells patterns and the patterns of interlocking scales in particular in fish. In terms of materials the use of more exotic skins such as fish skins, and the rich variety of texture is explored

About the Designer


Amelia is based in LONDON, United Kingdom. She studied at Cordwainers and graduated in 2012. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Coming from a textile background I am influenced by print, textile and surface design. I grew up in London and have studied both foundation art and design, and FdA footwear design at London College of Fashion. Throughout my work I have been inspired by Japanese culture textiles in particular, in combination with traditional shoe making techniques and styles. I have been nominated for the Drapers Student Designer of the year award 2011, and won the Cordwainers at London college of Fashion Endowed Award.