Since 2010 Alexis Buehrer has been developing a hand-made necklace range, the necklaces are made by her and her alone. This work is part of a global project based on finery, with an aim to develop artisan techniques of feather work, crochet, embroidery and lace, and to integrate them all as the collection and the demand develop. I made it for you is separated into two different ranges : - the first day, the necklace range that includes • native gold : a series of hemp or linen stringed necklaces with a choice of untreated chains, crafted with spontaneity • brilliant shadow : a series of hemp or linen stringed necklaces combined with a choice of glass pearls - before the light, feather finery Unique pieces or product made to order in very small quantities and entirely by hand.

About the Designer


Alexis is based in Paris, France. She studied at Geneva University of Art and Design and graduated in 2009. Her collections are produced in France.

Alexis Buehrer is born in Switzerland in 1984. After a second year at the Geneva University of Art and Design, she undertook internships in Montreal and Paris at Anne Valérie Hash.
In 2009, she graduates from the Geneva University of Art and Design, in Fashion Design and then left for Paris and undertook internships at Management Artists and Surface to Air.
In 2010, she won the Federal Swiss Design Awards for the collection
« My ex-wife is Big Mary » and all the winners participated at the exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.
Still working on finery after her diploma, she launched the feather finery line « before the light ».
She also worked in collaboration with the group « My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter » and created feather finery for the main singer.
In 2011, she finally launched her own brand, Alexis Buehrer, with the creation of the line "the first day".