heliocentric acts as intermediary between subjective perception and objective exercise. Instead of a plurality of pieces the collection focuses on 11 looks and their reincarnation in three distinguished overall patterns creating a new sphere. Equilibrating a unusual ratio of print on fabric the collection works on putting its spectators perception on a parallel. The collection contains 11 different outfits basend on the geometrical form of an hexagon, clear lines , and sharp exceptions. Every piece is re-enacted three times in order to create a perfect ratio to its pattern.


About the Designer


Agnes is based in Frankfurt. She studied at University of Applied Sciences Trier and graduated in 2012.

Agnes Boleslawski, german designer of Polish origin, studied fashion design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier and is currently based in Seoul. Whilst working on her bachelor collection/work heliocentric she showed excerpts in a collaboration "we didnt't.we had. why?" at the edged showroom at the Fashion Week in Berlin.